Our Mission

Our mission

Krisiko Art Gallery Tirana is located in the immediate vicinity of Scanderbeg square, in the heart of Tirana, inside the city castle build in the fourth century A.D.

It is one of the most distinguished and longest-standing private art galleries, established since 1890, the gallery highlights and celebrates unique art pieces and collections of Ceramics, which are the largest in Albania and amongst the most important in the region covering an entire specter of ceramics as a artistic culture.

Formed entirely of original artworks, it retains the unique personality, passions and obsessions of its creators, providing an insight into the vision of art and its perspective. The artworks and collections are supported by extensive and fascinating archives, as well as authentic or limited edition collections of ceramics which date back to history.

Krisiko Art Gallery works with artists who are at once unique, influential and strive to shift perspectives. Driven by the desire to change our vision of art, the Krisiko Art Gallery invites visitors to bear witness to the audacity of our time and to live the experience of making art, in all its guises.

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