Dictator’s Portrait

Reflective Consciousness
(Reflective Consciousness), 2020

Inox Steel

25 4/5 × 11 4/5 × 13 4/5 in65.5 × 30 × 35 cm.

This is a unique work.

Why we should care about our leaders?

A brief reflection on “Dictator’s Portrait”

A sculpture by Ergys Krisiko.

The material of the sculpture itself creates a correlative relation between the artwork and the public, where anyone can see a reflection of themself.

The artist intentionally presents an emotionless/expression-free portrait, inviting each of us to look with details into our own reflections on Dictator’s Portrait surface.

Individual values, are those who give a physiognomic to the “face” of our society, affecting features on the portrait of leaders.

Being able to explain this initial assertion, in the most simple terms without losing the richness and complexity of the artwork, looking at “Dictator’s Portrait”, each of us starts a reflective individual quest.

The artwork is a modern reflection on the relation between people and power, understanding how our leaders reflect the society;

Vice versa the artwork contributes in raising self awarness on the importance of human values that shape a better society giving features to it’s portrait.

What do you see looking at your reflection on the Dictator’s Portrait?

E.Zguro (2020)

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